Wrangler Denim Acid Wash High Waist Shorts - Size 32"-33" #089


Brand: Wrangler

Fit: High waist

Material: Cotton

Condition: Distressed

Color: Acid wash

Estimated waist size: 32"-33"

Actual waist size: 32" 1/2

Hips: 40"

Rise: 12"

Inseam: 1" 1/2

For reference, model measurements are waist 32", hips 42" and 6' tall.

Please keep in mind that sizing in regard to mid and low rise style is dependent on the rise of the pant. We provide actual measurement across top of the garment and you should always consider the rise measurement to determine where the waist falls.

To ensure a good fit, compare measurements provided with a pair of shorts and jeans that fit you well.


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